Our Menu

nomnom offers a four-week rotating menu consisting of group meals to ensure all children enjoy together nutritious, wholesome meals.
All meals are nutritionally balanced (infant meals are age-appropriate) and prepared according to the Heart Foundation NZ’s guidelines for children’s healthy eating. An independent dietitian has approved nomnom’s menu.
Our catering partners work with seasonal ingredients sourced from local suppliers. nomnom supports sustainable harvesting practices and cruelty-free treatment of animals.

Beef dishes

Spaghetti Bolognese

Beef nachos with sour cream

Savoury mince with pita bread

Beef stroganoff on pasta

Beef and vegetable pasta

Beef and vegetable fajita

Chicken dishes

Chicken (and apricot) tagine with couscous

Lemon and herb chicken with veggies on couscous

Curry chicken and vegetables on rice

Roast chicken and vegetables with pasta/rice

Roast chicken and vegetable soup with toast

Apricot chicken and vegetables on rice

Tuscan chicken with vegetables on toast

Butter chicken with rice

Lamb dishes

Lamb ragout with pasta

Curry lamb and vegetables on rice

Moroccan lamb on couscous

Lamb, tomato and eggplant stew on toast

Lamb and vegetable stew with bread/toast

Cumin lamb and vegetables on rice

Fish dishes

Tuna pasta with super greens

Tuna risotto

Fish with crispy topping on couscous

Tuna pasta bake

Tuna rice bake

Fish chowder with bread/toast

Fish curry on rice

Pork dishes

Pork and pear casserole pasta

Pork and pineapple with couscous salad

Vegetarian dishes

Lentil, potato and cauliflower curry on rice

Mushroom and pea risotto

Kumara and pumpkin soup with toast

Pasta with spinach and mushroom

Creamy pea risotto

Pasta with ratatouille

Tofu and vegetables stir-fried on rice

Noodle fry with vegetables and eggs